About Us

We currently operate out of our home in Jacksonville, Florida.  We're entirely family owned and operated for the time being.  We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  Try us out and see for yourself.

The Birth of yeStickers

 yeStickers was created out of a desire to give artists the ease and freedom to share their artwork in a way their fans could afford and love.  We want to give artists the freedom to create whatever they want and the means to easily share their creations with the world.

I, Joel Aguilar, began making stickers because my kids love them.  I wanted to be able to make stickers for them that they would love and would last as long as possible.  I worked for months learning and trying different ways to make the best sticker I could from home.  I invested in hardware and materials to try out everything I could to make the best sticker possible.  I spent countless hours researching methods and suppliers until I was happy with the resulting product.

I spoke to a few friends of mine who are artists, made stickers of their artwork and they've all loved them.  I've tested these stickers in the dishwasher, outside in the sun, on the ground, on chairs...everywhere.  Now that I'm happy with the quality and durability the end product, I want to share my work with artists and their fans everywhere.